Best Summer Accent Wall Colors

Best Summer Accent Wall Colors

If you’re trying to choose the best summer accent wall color, there are many options. This year’s popular shades include sky blue, peach, and sage green. But which of these colors will be the best fit for your home? Hiring villa painting services in Dubai can help you make the right decision.


Peach is a joyful, summery color that will add a touch of cheer to your interior design. The color is often paired with shades of off-white for a soft, relaxed atmosphere. Off-whites are an excellent choice for a room because they are versatile and create a solid starting point for your design.

Sage green:

Sage green is a refreshing shade that works well in both new and existing decor. It is a near-neutral color that complements various styles, from modern victorian to farmhouse chic. It also lends a relaxing, calming feel to any room.


Pewter is a blue-gray shade with a silvery shimmer. It is a very adaptable color and will look great in any decor theme. It can be light or dark and will match most other colors in your home.

Shoji white:

Shoji white is a soft, warm beige with a slight green undertone. This paint color looks great with various natural lights and works well with wood and metal finishes. The slight green undertone makes this paint color cozy, especially when paired with other earth tones. Shoji white is not as beige-like as it may appear on your computer screen and is a perfect choice for rooms with a neutral color scheme.

Peach with gray undertones:

Peach with gray undertones is a warm color, but its lightness makes it easy to use in a wide range of interior design schemes. It pairs well with cream and white, so you can use it to complement bolder colors without overpowering the space. If you’re looking for a more traditional shade of peach, try daylily, which is soft, and muted but still vibrant enough to give a room a summery feel.

Turquoise porcelain:

Turquoise is a beautiful color and brings images of tropical fish and ocean water to mind. This saturated blue with a touch of saltwater green is a perfect choice for accent walls or hallways. It provides a splash of bold color without feeling overwhelming.