Combo Roof Systems: A Brief Look Into Them

Combo Roof Systems: A Brief Look Into Them

The combo roof system is an innovative, seamless roofing solution that offers numerous benefits. Its fully bonded polyurethane foam layer is water-tight and impermeable. This system reduces relative dead load by 20 percent, reduces construction time by 30%, and meets any U-value required by building codes.

The combo CRC roof system is a complete roofing system consisting of waterproofing, thermal insulation, and roof finishing. It is a fast-curing, high-performance system that is completely bonded to the roof slab. It is an environmentally friendly option, and the coating has a 25-year leakage warranty. The system also provides excellent UV protection and dirt pick-up resistance.

It is the fastest way to waterproof and insulate a flat roof. It uses modern applications and highly efficient spray technologies, saving up to 40% of the time compared to a standard 500-square-foot roofing system. In addition to being quick to apply, the combo CRC roof system uses four fully bonded layers to provide maximum water resistance, thermal insulation, and durability.

Thermal insulation is an important aspect of a combo roof system, which provides excellent sound-dampening properties. This roofing system is also completely waterproof and resistant to wind and rain. Its benefits go beyond just the thermal properties, though. It also satisfies green building requirements.

Combo roofing systems combine waterproofing, thermal insulation and roof finishing into a single complete system. The result is a single, high-performance roofing system that can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. In addition, this system comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, which gives the buyer peace of mind that their building is protected against leaks for a long time.

It is a great way to protect your home from the elements. Not only do they protect against water damage, but they also provide thermal insulation and finish options. Waterproofing a combo roof system is a simple and fast process. Using specially designed detailing and highly efficient spray technologies, a combo roof can be installed in 40% less time than a standard 500m2 roofing system. The combo roof’s four fully-bonded waterproofing layers provide the ultimate protection for your roof.

Major property developers widely accept combo roof systems. They meet or exceed UAE thermal insulation regulations and standards. They are also environmentally friendly. They are certified by the Dubai Municipality & Electricity Authority. The polyurethane foam used in these systems has a density of 45 Kg/m3, allowing easy application and quick solidification. The coatings are applied in layers up to 15mm thick.