What Is The Best Chinese Dish To Order?

What Is The Best Chinese Dish To Order?


Chinese cuisine is known for its respect for fresh, seasonal ingredients. Many dishes are made from various fresh seafood and meats, and most Chinese dishes are meant to let the main ingredient shine. If you love to eat this food, there are many dishes to order. You can try fried squid, century eggs, and Yangzhou fried rice, to name a few. But before you order the best Chinese food in Dubai, learn about the different types of dishes. Then you can enjoy your meal.

Fried squid is the best Chinese dish to order:

Fried squid is a classic Chinese dish. This delicious fish is flash-steamed in hot water before being battered and deep-fried. It is then topped with crispy shallots and scallions. The result is a greasy, salty dish that will delight your taste buds.

Before ordering fried squid, make sure you know how to cook it properly. It doesn’t automatically spiral into tubes once cooked; you must prepare it correctly. To start, you should first wash the squid thoroughly. After that, you need to cut it lengthwise to see the inside. Once that’s done, you should score it at a 60-degree angle. Once that’s done, the squid is ready to be served.

Yangzhou fried rice:

If you want to taste traditional Chinese food, Yangzhou fried rice is an excellent dish. This delicious dish is made by mixing fried rice with vegetables and meat. In addition to vegetables, it can also contain other items such as Chinese barbecued pork or lobster. Chinese people are very particular about what goes into their food, and Yangzhou fried rice is no exception.

Century eggs:

Century eggs are an iconic dish from China and are served in Chinese restaurants worldwide. They’re made with alkaline clay, quicklime, and salt and are often eaten with soy sauce and congee.

They’re a good source of protein and have low sodium and fat content. However, the high amount of hydrogen sulfide in century eggs can harm your health, and doctors do not recommend eating them daily.

Fried wontons:

Fried wontons are one of the most popular Chinese dishes, but there are some variations on this classic dish. Some are filled with pork, while others are filled with shrimp and vegetables. Some of the best types of wontons are Shanghai-style with thin skins and light pork and shrimp filling. Wontons can also be made vegetarian using basic pork and scallion filling.