Best Portable Fire Pits 2022

Best Portable Fire Pits 2022


A fire pit is a device that creates a warm environment in a central gathering area for entertaining well into the evening time. If you’re looking for a portable fire pit perfect for camping or other outdoor activities, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked at the X Series 24, the Esschert design steel fire bowl, the Del Rio Tiki fire pit, and the OutwellCazal. Each has unique features, so keep reading to find out which one’s right for you.

X Series 24:

The X Series is an innovative portable fire pit that eliminates smoke and creates an inviting fire pit. Its innovative design allows it to be used as the centerpiece of a live-fire grilling center. However, the grilling system is sold separately and is not included in the pit. If you are considering purchasing an X Series fire pit, read the manufacturer’s safety recommendations before using it. The fire pit should never be left unattended while burning and should not be used on heat-sensitive surfaces.

Esschert designed a steel fire bowl:

This Esschert design steel fire bowl portable fire pit features a stainless steel body and a powder-coated finish. It has a grill grate and is compatible with wood and propane fuel. While propane fire pits are more convenient for grilling, they are also more expensive than wood-burning models. This pit can easily fold flat for storage.

Del Rio Tiki fire pit:

Del Rio’s Tiki portable fire pit 2022 features a lightweight, portable design. The fire pit measures 27 by 13 inches and holds up to four cordwood logs. It can be used as a standard fire pit or backyard grill. Its enamel coating makes cleaning easier, and has an upgraded fan for extra efficiency. It also works as a patio heater.

This portable fire pit features a beautiful copper fire bowl with a unique dark steel base. It is 11.5″ high, with a diameter of 29 inches, and a fire bowl that’s 24 inches in diameter. It produces 55,000 BTUs of heat and comes with an enclosed propane tank storage. It’s also compatible with natural gas.


The OutwellCazal portable fire pit is a durable and inexpensive option for any camping trip. The stainless steel design and sturdy legs of this portable fire bowl make it an attractive choice. This product offers the warmth and coziness of a natural fire and comes with a cooking grate and a poker tool. It is also easy to set up and requires no assembly.