Why Do I Need A Will In The UAE?

Why Do I Need A Will In The UAE?


A UAE will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for your estate after you die. It can help your loved ones, including your parents, when you are gone. A will ensures that your wishes are carried out without causing complications. You should consult a lawyer to ensure your will is valid and legal. Moreover, you can always change your will if you feel that you have changed your mind about how you want to pass on your assets.

Give your family peace of mind:

While it is customary to name your spouse as the beneficiary of your UAE assets, you may also want to designate an alternative beneficiary, such as a child or a sibling. The decision to name an alternative beneficiary will depend on your circumstances and the interests of your family members.

A will is an important legal document that can protect your assets and give your family peace of mind. In case of your death, your family members will be able to receive your estate and assets without any complications. A will allows you to choose beneficiaries and update it whenever necessary.

Important for your property:

Having a will in UAE can be important if you own property or are doing business in the country. UAE laws vary on how assets are distributed, and several overriding considerations exist. A will is the only way to declare what you want to happen to your assets officially. It can also include details such as who will be your guardian if you have minor children. By having a will, you can avoid unnecessary ambiguity and stress.

It is a good idea if your minor children:

Another important reason for having a will in UAE is if you have minor children. In UAE, a will can be crucial when your spouse or children pass away. It appoints guardianship for your minor children, who will manage their assets. In such a case, you can appoint several alternate guardians for your children. This way, your children will have someone they can turn to when they need money.


Wills can be legally binding documents that describe a person’s intentions regarding their assets and personal matters. A will must be registered with the court. In UAE, it is possible to register your will online. The Non-Muslim Wills Registration Office accepts original documents and online payments in Abu Dhabi. It also notarizes your will.